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30,000 Years in the Making

Every so often, there is a revolution. A fundamental change. A force that cannot be ignored any longer.

Introducing the Most Advanced Framing Hammer… Ever

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Tool Driven hammers are the best professional-grade framing hammers available. They swing better, hit harder, and dramatically reduce arm-damaging shock. The Tool Driven hammers now come in two models. The original, revolutionary Framer boasts a nimble 16oz head-weight for maximum nailing efficiency. The Tool Driven Builder is now available and features a mid-weight 19oz head for more impact authority and greater versatility on the job site. Both hammers use the same innovative carbon fiber and Kevlar™ handle and easy-to-change striking face.
Made right here in the USA, the Tool Driven Framer and Builder boast a number of unique features for professionals like field-replaceable striking faces and handles, twin high-leverage nail pullers, and high-strength TIG welded construction.

By incorporating an industrial duty carbon fiber handle, a Tool Driven hammer moves the weight where it's needed — behind the striking face. The result is a contractor-grade tool that is more efficient than any other hammer on the market, and it’s far easier on the elbow!
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People are Talking

Tool Box Buzz gave the Tool Driven Builder 4.5 / 5 stars. Read their review below (note, clicking on the image will take you to the Tool Box Buzz site).
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Why did it take thousands of years for someone to FINALLY design the hammer the right way?
Jeff P., Richmond, Virgina
Being a builder, I have owned many different designs of hammers over the years. I had the opportunity to use one of the Tool Driven prototype hammers for an extended period of time and I can honestly say this is a great example of what can happen when common sense meets great engineering. This is a superior product in every way and I highly recommend it!
Chris W., Builder and Contractor, St. Louis, Missouri
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